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Artovo Planning Your Q4 Marketing
With October fast approaching, we are entering into the 4th quarter of the year which is perhaps the busiest of all! Your competitors and other businesses will be spending a lot of money to create paid advertising across all social platforms along with Google AdWords! 
While you might not have the funds to compete with these big companies, now is still a great time to plan ahead to get the most exposure for your products using the marketing resources available to you! 
The Artovo Team has put together some tips on how to do this! Keep reading to find out more!
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Social Posts: 

Social Posts are a great way to keep your customers up to date with your products and offers! It’s important to keep your posting schedule consistent across whichever platforms you use and where possible, prioritise videos over static images. Reels and Stories are taking off on Instagram and Facebook - they’re a great way to connect with your customers and show off your products in a more interactive way!
Make sure your posts are relevant to your users, with interesting imagery to catch their eye while scrolling and use links and hashtags to your advantage. 
In the lead up to any special events you might be doing, make sure to post daily, making use of reels and stories (on instagram and facebook) to really get your message out there.

Promotions and Competitions:

Offering promotions or offers on products is a great way to get people interested - because who doesn’t love a bargain! 
Make sure to work out how much discount you can afford to give without eating in to your own profits and don’t forget to let your customers know when and what products it applies to and for how long! 
Competitions can also be a great way to entice people in and to get the word out about your products. Clearly define the rules of your contest in your comments to avoid any confusion or mix ups that could occur and cause more harm than good. Make sure to add “share and like” to your contest requirements.

Email marketing:

Use email marketing to make sure your customers see your promotions (if they’re on your mailing list) and mirror the information you offer in your social posts. 
Be sure not to overload your mailers with irrelevant content or to send them out too frequently to avoid your customers unsubscribing! 
If you’re new to email marketing or want some additional information on it, check out our blog: https://www.artovo.co.uk/blogs/news/how-to-use-email-marketing-for-your-business
Now you know what sort of things to begin preparing, here are some dates you might want to make note of! 

Diwali - October 24th:

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The Festival of Lights offers a unique opportunity to advertise your products as it is a 5-day long holiday! Make sure to plan your posts and promotions ahead of time and let your customers know about it! 

Halloween - October 31st:

Halloween Banner
October is a great month to capitalise on a very niche customer base, especially if you have some spooky products in your collection! If you have some products that only really sell during this time, make sure to have them in pride of place on whichever selling platform you use.

Bonfire Night - November 5th:

Fireworks Bonfire Night Banner
A small, but fun day that could prove lucrative for any creations with bright and vibrant designs! If not, you could always use Bonfire Night to offer a small discount to draw in some sales.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday - November 25th & November 28th

Black Friday Banner
One of the biggest days for selling, both online and off! Most customers will expect some kind of discount on products during this time - however it is up to you to decide how much you offer. Don’t forget to update your website/selling platform with banners, buttons and sale markers on any products that have a discount.

Christmas - December 25th

Christmas Banner
Christmas of course is up there as a big day for selling - or rather, the days leading up to Christmas! Customers looking for unique and meaningful gifts for friends and family will be browsing the web and you want them to find your store! 
Make sure to update all your SEO and Keywords, put your best selling items where Customers can easily find them and make any discounts you have clear to see. 

New Years Day - December 31st

New Years Eve Banner
Again, another holiday where you want to plan for the lead up and not the day itself. While people do not often go all out for gifts on New Years, it’s a great opportunity to offer a sale to get rid of old stock/retiring designs in time for the new year. 
Don’t leave it too late to put these promotions into place, you need to give your customers as much advance notice as possible to see these deals on their feeds or emails. Make sure all your offers and promotions are visible on your selling platforms and don’t forget to join the Artovo mailing list to see OUR discounts to help save you money during the next few busy months! 

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