Black Friday Preparations 2023

Artovo Black Friday 2023 Blog Tips

Black Friday, a bustling prelude to the festive season, provides an exceptional opportunity for businesses to supercharge their sales. To ensure your website can seamlessly handle the anticipated surge in traffic, we've compiled a set of seven crucial tips to prepare for the big day.


Black Friday Highlight Deals Banner

1. Clearly Highlight Your Deals: It's essential to make your Black Friday deals easily noticeable to your website visitors. To grab their attention while they browse, consider using eye-catching banners, badges, and countdown timers on the relevant products. These visual cues not only indicate special offers but also create a sense of urgency, encouraging customers to make a purchase.

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2. Offer Competitive Discounts: Black Friday shoppers usually expect significant discounts. It's wise to carefully plan your pricing strategy to attract and retain customers. If substantial price reductions don't align with your business model, consider offering alternative incentives. For example, you can provide free gifts or discounts for customers who spend a certain minimum amount. This approach caters to a wider range of shoppers.

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Social Media Black Friday
Artovo Black Friday Social Posts

3. Make Use Of Social Media: Leveraging your social media platforms is crucial for Black Friday success. Create engaging and informative posts about your products and the associated discounts. Use relevant hashtags to reach your target audience. Consider running teaser campaigns or exclusive social media contests to generate excitement and anticipation among your followers.

Black Friday Use Email Marketing

4. Utilise Email Marketing: Email marketing is a potent tool for informing your customers about your Black Friday deals. Craft compelling email content and subject lines that capture attention. Timing is key – ensure your emails land in your customers' inboxes when they're most likely to open and engage with them. You can also segment your email list to send tailored messages to different customer groups.

Black Friday Showcase Quality

5. Showcase Quality: Black Friday is a rare opportunity to make an impression on customers. Quality is paramount. Ensure your product images are of the highest quality, showcasing your offerings in their best light. Well-crafted product descriptions are equally vital. They should be informative, engaging, and free from spelling or grammatical errors. Quality content reinforces your brand's professionalism and reliability.

Explore Cross Selling Black Friday
Cross Sell Products This Black Friday

6. Explore Cross-Selling: Cross-selling is an excellent strategy to introduce customers to a broader range of your products while increasing your sales. When a customer is considering one product, suggest related or complementary items. Implementing this approach requires careful product recommendations and user-friendly interfaces that guide customers through their purchase journey. Cross-selling can significantly boost the average order value.

Cyber Monday Black Friday Banner

7. Extend Savings to Cyber Monday: Black Friday doesn't end on Friday. It stretches into Cyber Monday, providing an extended period to drive sales. Ensure you save some compelling deals and incentives for Cyber Monday promotions. This approach acknowledges the diverse shopping habits of your customers. Some may prefer to shop over the entire weekend, so continue offering attractive discounts to maintain their interest.

Artovo Black Friday Marketing Pack
Artovo Black Friday Marketing Pack

To assist you in gearing up for Black Friday, the Artovo Team has created a collection of social media resources. Our Black Friday Marketing Packs are designed to streamline your content creation process. Simply click the button below to access these free-to-download Marketing Packs, which include:

  • Social Post Mockups
  • Social Post Copy
  • Black Friday Sale Tag Images


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Prepare for a successful Black Friday season with Artovo.

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