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Artovo 2023 Marketing Calendar

2023 is upon us, which means now is the perfect time to look ahead for the year and make plans for your business! One of the ways you can do this is to start planning any potential promotions or offers ahead of time so that you’re prepared when the time comes. 

There are lots of holidays and awareness days throughout the year that might be relevant to your brand and would be a great opportunity to promote certain products! To help you decide, we’ve created a 2023 marketing calendar with a collection of events that could fit your business! 

Our 2023 Marketing Calendar is free to download resource and is printable so you can easily add your own dates and keep it to hand for reference! 

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Don’t think you have to do something special for every holiday though! Sometimes all you need is a few relevant social posts to keep your customers engaged and thinking about your products! 

Here are a few upcoming dates to be aware of throughout the year:

Q1 Dates: 


01/01/23 - New Years Day

New years day is a great way to promote products that help to fulfil resolutions, lifestyle changes and bucket lists as 2023 begins! While this is a January date, planning for a NYD promotion will requite pre-planning before the new year! 

Chinese New Year Banner

22/01/23 - Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year, is one of the most widely celebrated holidays across Asia. Traditionally, items given during this time are food, money, or gifts that symbolises good luck or prosperity - If you have any products that might fit this criteria, consider targeting this holiday! 

25/01/23 - Burns Night

Burns Night is observed mostly by Scotland or people of Scottish descent as a celebration of the life of famous Scottish poet, Robert Burns! This is quite a niche holiday, however if your content features common Scottish themes such as tartan, thistles or similar, you may want to show them off on Burns Night! 


09/02/23 - National Pizza Day

Pizza is well loved across the world and while not a day where you would expect to receive a gift, it’s a great opportunity to show off any foodie designs you might have to your customers across social media! 

Valentines Day Banner

14/02/23 - Valentines Day

Valentines day is a great holiday for gift giving across the world, so make sure you plan ahead for any promotions or offers you might want to run! Typically Valentines day revolves around ‘love’ and ‘heart’ designs, however any kind of design can make a great gift on this day, so don’t miss out! 

15/02/23 - Singles Awareness Day

Directly after Valentines Day, Singles Awareness Day or Singles Appreciation Day, is an unofficial holiday to celebrate single people or love in different forms such love between friends, family or self love.


08/03/23 - International Womens Day

International Womens Day is a day of celebration of the achievements of Women around the world. While not a traditional gift giving day, IWD is a great day to promote your products - especially if you are a female-run business! 

17/03/23 - St Patricks Day

St Patricks Day is a public holiday in Ireland but is celebrated around the world by many! This holiday is a great day to promote any designs of Irish theme, such as shamrocks, guinness or even leprechauns! 

Artovo Mothers Day Calendar

19/03/23 - Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is an important holiday in the UK for celebrating mums and is a great day to offer a sale or discount! Online sales leading up to mothers day are at an all time high, so make sure to plan ahead and let customers know about any deals beforehand! 

Q2 Dates:


09/04/23 - Easter Sunday

The Easter Holidays are another important set of dates in the UK (and everywhere else that celebrates Easter) and can also be good for sales! Easter often coincides with spring sales or offers and should be considered early in the year. Products featuring rabbits, chicks and eggs are popular for children! 

Mother Earth Day 2023

22/04/23 - Earth Day

While not a day for selling necessarily, Earth Day is an annual event to promote environmental change across the world and is a great time to think about how you and your business impact the planet!

25/04/23 - World Penguin Day

Just a really great day for people who love penguins! 


04/05/23 - Star Wars Day 

Star Wars is a massive franchise, and while we don’t advise selling copyrighted content it’s still a great day to promote your own designs and content that might appeal to a similar audience!

06/05/23 - King Charles III Coronation

Just like the late Queen’s Jubilee in 2022, the King’s Coronation is set to be a big event here in the UK! If you have relevant designs to promote, make sure you plan ahead and let your customers know beforehand so they can purchase in time for the event. 

BBQ Week Banner

29/05/23 - National BBQ Week 

Looking for a chance to promote your upcoming summer products? The Uk’s national BBQ week is a great opportunity to show off your summer designs in a practical way - for example, a sale on Aprons would be well received by any BBQ enthusiasts during this time! 


05/06/23 - Garden Wildlife Week

From Hedgehogs to Foxes, UK Wildlife is a popular subject for a lot of artists, so Garden Wildlife week is a great time to show off those painting, pictures and sketches across social media to try and drum up some interest in your products!

08/06/23 - National Best Friends Day

Help your customers to celebrate the important people in their lives with Best Friend Day promotions! While not a well known holiday by most, National Best Friend Day is a good opportunity to exhibit matching content perfect for two BFF’s! 

Fathers Day Banner Image

18/06/23 - Father’s Day

Another important date to prepare for in advance, Father’s Day celebrate’s Dads across the country! Make sure to set your sales with plenty of time for fathers day gifts to be delivered in time for the day!  

Q3 Dates:


07/07/23 - World Chocolate Day

Another event day for those of you who have food related content! World Chocolate day is a great one for anyone who has a sweet tooth, so make sure to promote any relevant artwork on your social media accounts. 

30/07/23 - World Friendship Day

If you missed National Best Friends Day, don’t fret because World Friendship Day is here! This is another one for promoting products that can be gifted to friends and family that mean a lot to you! 


08/08/23 - International Cat Day

A great event day for anyone who has photography or artwork that includes cats! From Sphynx Cats to Maine Coons, this is the purrfect day to offer discounts on any feline related products! 

World Photography Day

19/08/23 - World Photography Day

This day is perfect for anyone who uses their photographs in their eCommerce business! From canvases to prints - make sure you’re promoting all your amazing images for World Photography Day! 

26/08/23 - International Dog Day

Just like International Cat Day, this is a great event for artists and photographers alike to show off their doggy designs! Make sure to plan ahead if you’re offering any tricks or treats to your customers on your Dog related products! 


02/09/23 - National Doodle Day

If you’re an artist, today is a great day to generate some engagement by sharing your doodles, works in progress and sketches with your customers! It’s fun to see the process and chat to your customers about your art! 

FSC Forest Week Banner

24/09/23 - FSC Forest Week

FSC Forest Week is the perfect day to reflect on the sustainability of your business and how important our forests are to us! Make sure to check out our blog on what The FSC is and why it’s important for more information! 

Q4 Dates:


01/10/23 - Grandparents Day

Another lesser known holiday that you may not want to offer discounts for but could be a good way to promote some of your products as potential gifts for all the wonderful grandparents out there! 

07/10/23 - World Smile Day

Put a smile on your customers faces for World Smile Day with a collection of your most grin-inducing designs! Whether you offer any discounts on this day is up to you and whether you think it fits your brand!  

Happy Halloween Banner

31/10/23 - Halloween

Halloween is a great holiday to offer sales on your products, especially if your designs have a spooky or macabre asthetic to them! Make sure to advertise any discounts in advance so your customers know when to start shopping! 


05/11/23 - Guy Fawks Nght

Not necessarily a holiday for sales, but definitely a good day to advertise any bright and colourful designs that might catch your customers eye! 

11/11/23 - Remembrance Day

While poppy themed products can see a rise in sales around this time of year, it’s important to remember not to bombard your customers with promotion and discount content for Remembrance Day, due to the sensitive nature of the day.

Black Friday Banner

24/11/23 - Black Friday

Here’s the big one! Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) are worth preparing for well in advance to make sure all your promotions and sales are planned and ready to go before the big day! Keep an eye out for any Artovo Marketing Content that can help you set up! 


08/12/2023 - Christmas Jumper Day

Christmas Jumper Day is great fun for everyone that gets involved and can offer you a chance to promote some amusing christmas themed designs if you have them! 

Christmas Banner

24/12/23 - Christmas Eve

And of course, Christmas! Like Black Friday, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared in advance for any Christmas sales you might offer. Make sure to promote well ahead of the day and leave your customers enough time to order and have their products delivered in time for Santa! 

31/12/23 - New Years eve

While you won’t likely be offering any sales on New Years Eve itself, you’ll need to have started thinking about any possible discounts for New Years Day and beyond at this point! Don’t miss out! 

To see some more significant dates for 2023, download our free marketing calendar for the year by clicking the below link! Find some events that are relevant to you, or add your own and start planning today! 

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