We've Planted 4,000 Trees With Ecologi!

Artovo Ecologi 4000 Trees Planted Sustainabilty

The Artovo team is excited to announce that we’ve hit another great milestone in our partnership with Ecologi! We recently reached over 4,000 trees planted, which is an amazing achievement for the Artovo community - your orders helped to make this happen!

In addition to the amazing number of trees we’ve planted, we’ve also helped to fund 15 projects through Ecologi, including distributing cleaner cookstoves in Kenya, peatland restoration and conservation in Indonesia and the protection of the Matavén forest in eastern Colombia.


In celebration of this, we’ve put together a few other ways that our team are trying to improve the environmental aspect of the company! We’re strong believers in being kinder to our world and the resources it provides us. We are actively taking measures to enhance our environmental friendliness and promote sustainability. Here are a few of the steps the Artovo Team is taking: 

Artovo Materials Banner Sustainabilty

Our Materials:

At Artovo we use Water-based HP Latex Inks on all applicable products - these offer health and environmental advantages compared to eco-solvent, solvent, or UV-curable inks. 

Our HP Inks don’t contain hazardous air pollutants and don’t require special ventilation. 

They’re non-flammable and non-combustible as well as being nickel free! 

HP Latex Ink Certifications

These Inks have certifications to demonstrate that they meet some of the most rigorous standards for low chemical emissions into indoor air (UL ECOLOGO®and GREENGUARD GOLD Certifications) 

And on top of that, all HP 831 printing supplies—including ink cartridges, printheads, and maintenance supplies - are recyclable through the HP Planet Partners program!


We use 100% renewable FSC-approved wood in all our canvas frames, making them a more environmentally conscious choice without minimising on their quality! The Forest Stewardship Council (or FSC) is is an international non-profit organisation that promotes responsible management of the world's forests, both environmentally and socially.

All paper that we use within our office is EU Ecolabel (PT/011/002) which is 100% recyclable, and supplied from responsible sources (FSCC008924).

All cardboard packaging that we use is fully recyclable and usage of packing materials is kept to an absolute minimum

Artovo Facility Banner Sustainabilty

Our Facility:

The Artovo facility has seen some upgrades recently to promote sustainability throughout the production area and offices. We’ve added energy-efficient LED lighting with motion-sensing technology to help reduce the amount of time lights are left on in unoccupied rooms.

In addition, we’ve installed energy-saving software on all our headquarters' computers to minimise electric wastage and optimise power usage.

We’ve also got a new range of electric forklift trucks to operate around our warehouse, helping to reduce emissions and fuel usage while they are in use.

Our team has also made great steps to becoming more power efficient by harnessing the full potential of our warehouse roofs with the installation of solar panels. This investment will reduce our reliance on traditional power grids, thereby reducing our carbon footprint as well as providing us with a greener energy.

Artovo Garden Allotments

And finally, we've created an outdoor garden space for our team - to help them relax and unwind outside of the office and promote a more tranquil environment. We have on-site allotments where our more green-thumbed staff members can grow their own plants and food!

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