Tips on Selling Posters and Fine Art Prints

Tips for selling poster and fine art prints

Tips On Selling Posters and Fine Art Prints

The art world is a vast landscape, teeming with opportunities for artists and entrepreneurs alike. One of the most accessible and profitable avenues in this realm is the sale of posters and fine art prints. But how do you go about it? What are the nuances that differentiate these two mediums, and how can you leverage them to maximize your profits? In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the ins and outs of selling posters and fine art prints, from understanding their unique benefits to mastering the art of preparation and promotion.

The Benefits of Selling Posters and Fine Art Prints

Artovo Framed Fine Art Print

Versatility and Accessibility

Poster Prints: Posters offer a cost-effective way for people to engage with art. They are versatile, suitable for decorating dorm rooms, offices, or even commercial spaces. The affordability of posters makes them accessible to a broader audience, which can be a significant advantage for emerging artists.

Fine Art Prints: Fine art prints are the luxury cars of the print world. They are usually produced on high-quality, archival paper and are meant to last for generations. These prints are perfect for serious art collectors and can be a significant source of income for established artists.

Customisation and Scalability

Both posters and fine art prints offer a high degree of customisation. With services like Artovo's Print On Demand, you can tailor each print to meet specific customer needs, from size to paper type, without worrying about minimum order quantities (MOQ).

Quality and Craftsmanship

Poster Prints: Artovo's poster prints are made using 260gsm bright, white photo paper with a satin finish. The state-of-the-art printing technology ensures full sharp colour fidelity.

Fine Art Prints: Artovo's fine art prints are produced using 310gsm natural white, smooth textured paper. The archival-quality and UL certified GREENGUARD GOLD ink guarantee that these prints will stand the test of time.

Preparing Your Artwork for Different Mediums

Artovo Fine Art Prints And Poster Prints

For Fine Art Prints

  1. Choice of Paper: The 310gsm fine art paper used by Artovo is 100% cotton linters, which adds a luxurious feel to the print.
  2. Color Calibration: Ensure that your digital artwork is calibrated for colour accuracy. The archival-quality ink used in fine art prints can capture a wide range of colours, but your original file needs to be up to the mark.
  3. Resolution: High-resolution images are crucial for fine art prints. Aim for at least 300 DPI to ensure that the print captures every detail.

For Poster Prints

  1. Material: The 260gsm paper is sturdy enough to hold the ink but flexible enough to be rolled, making it ideal for posters.
  2. Aspect Ratio: Posters often come in standard sizes, so make sure your artwork's aspect ratio matches the final print size.
  3. File Format: Use high-quality JPEG or PNG files for poster prints. These formats are generally easier to work with and are widely supported.

Promoting and Selling Your Prints

Artovo Hanging Framed Print

Online Strategies

  1. Social Media Marketing: Platforms like Instagram are visual-centric, making them perfect for showcasing your artwork. Use relevant hashtags and geo-tags to increase visibility.
  2. Email Marketing: Regular updates about new prints, discounts, and art shows can keep your audience engaged.

Offline Strategies

  1. Art Fairs and Exhibitions: These events offer a tactile experience that online platforms can't replicate. They also provide networking opportunities with other artists and potential clients.
  2. Retail Partnerships: Collaborating with furniture stores or coffee shops to display your prints can introduce your work to a new audience.

Choosing the Right Artwork for Each Medium

Artovo Poster and Fine Art Prints

For Fine Art Prints

  1. Portraits and Landscapes: The texture and quality of fine art prints can add depth and nuance to these types of artworks.
  2. Limited Editions: If you have artwork that you want to make exclusive, fine art prints are the way to go.

For Poster Prints

  1. Pop Art and Graphic Designs: The bold colours and simpler designs are more forgiving on the less expensive paper used for posters.
  2. Seasonal and Trendy Art: Posters are a great medium for art that may have a shorter shelf life, like memes or seasonal themes.

The journey of selling posters and fine art prints is a nuanced one, filled with opportunities to showcase your versatility as an artist. By understanding the unique benefits and limitations of each medium, you can tailor your approach to meet the diverse needs of your audience. With Artovo's Print On Demand service, you have a reliable partner to help you navigate this journey, ensuring that each print meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

So go ahead, let your creativity flow, and watch as your art transforms spaces and lives, one print at a time.

Happy selling

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