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Artovo Refer A Friend
We're excited to announce our new Refer a Friend offer and Artovo Coins Scheme! 

Refer A Friend

Do you know another creator that might benefit from signing up to Artovo? 
With our new 'Refer a Friend' scheme, you can get money off your next order while helping another small business get started in Print On Demand!

You may have noticed a new button appearing in the bottom right corner of the Artovo website. Find your referral links here! 

Simply refer a friend using your referral link, and once your friend places their first order, both you and they will receive £10.00 off for your next Artovo orders! 
Refer a friend example

Artovo Coins

artovo coin
Our new coins system is a great way to save on your orders by saving up your coins and redeeming them for money off! 
There are several different ways to start collecting coins:

- 50 Coins for liking our Facebook Page through your perks link
- 50 Coins for sharing our Facebook Page 
through your perks link
- 2 Coins for every £1.00 spent through orders

(not including shipping)

100 coins is equal to £1.00 off your order total. 
Earn your first £1.00 by liking and sharing the Artovo Facebook group!

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