Print On Demand & Drop Shipping Explained

Print on demand!

Drop shipping or print on demand as it's also known, is a rapidly growing industry. Artovo are here to offer you not only print and technology expertise, but also an amazing product range. Get your art, design or photography on anything from a mug to a Canvas!


New to Print on Demand & Drop Shipping? 
You’ve probably heard the words Print on Demand or Drop Shipping without really knowing exactly what it is. You may even already do it but don’t refer to it as such. Either way, we’re going to break it down for you.

 Artovo Drop Shipping Images

So what exactly is Print on Demand/ Drop Shipping?
Drop shipping is a fulfilment method where the store (online or brick and mortar) doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a sale is made on your store or sales channel, you then purchase the item from a third party which is then shipped directly to the customer. 

As a result, the seller doesn’t have to handle the product directly which saves you from having to manage and juggle stock and storage.

Whether you are an artist looking to sell their designs, a photographer looking to expand your portfolio, an illustrator looking to get their designs on to coffee tables all around the UK - Or you’ve seen a gap in the market and are looking to start your very own side hustle,

Drop shipping can cater for all this and much more.


Why drop ship?

  • Sell what you want when you want
  • Low initial investment
  • Only pay for the order when a customer places an order.
  • No need for space to hold stock

 Artovo Canvas

Where does Artovo fit in?

Drop shipping, much like Artovo, is the perfect combination of print and technology. Unlike a lot of companies, we manufacture and print our products right here in the UK. This allows us to have total control of our products and ensures the same high quality finish with every Canvas, Cushion and Mug we make.

Unlike most print on demand companies/drop shipping suppliers, we offer a strong customer support service and are keen to help you in your drop shipping journey.

Whether you are a seasoned drop-shipper or if you are starting a new side hustle, we can cater for your business requirements and grow with your business.

Using Artovo with Drop Shipping

Once your customer places an order on your selling platform (shopify, etsy etc) you then log on to Artovo, upload your image to the desired product using our customisation tools, and add it to your cart.

At checkout you can enter your customers delivery details to have it shipped directly to them! 


Why Choose Artovo?

  • We combine our print and technology expertise to give a versatile drop shipping solution.
  • UK printed and manufactured
  • No monthly fees or ties: Just pay when you get an order
  • We can grow with your business

Exclusive features:

  • Diverse product catalogue
  • Full Photoshop mockups for you to generate images for your site
  • Seller support
  • Exclusive drop-shipping discounts
  • Online design functionality - place your design on the product and design in minutes.
  • Complete white label shipping
  • UK based customer service 

Now you know a little more about Print On Demand, Drop Shipping and the great advantages they offer for small businesses and online sellers! 

Check out some of our other blogs for some great resources on how to get the most out of your print on demand business! 

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