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How To drive traffic to your store banner

How to drive traffic to your store! 

No matter how amazing your art or photography might be, you won’t get sales if no one is visiting your store! 

But don’t worry, the Artovo team is here to help with these 5 tips on how to drive traffic to your store! Keep reading to find out more! 

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1. Organic Social Media

Social media is a huge driver of website traffic today and is a free way to easily connect with current and future customers. Typical accounts for new businesses include Facebook and Instagram, but do some research to find what competitors in your industry are using. Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube are all great tools to spread the word about your business and generate awareness. To increase the likelihood of generating traffic through social media make sure to post consistently, follow trends, and keep on-brand!

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2. Website SEO

Website SEO is the one of the most important ways you can drive traffic to your website. Start by making your content understandable and easily readable. Include detailed and useful product descriptions and include relevant keywords to improve SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Remember, this includes how you name your images on your site! Without text, Google has no way to find & rank you to then drive organic search traffic.

If you have setup and linked Google Analytics to your store, you’re able to view what terms website visitors have used to find your site in the past, so you can utilise those keywords to help you optimise your content. It can also be instructive to take a look at the terms your competition uses on their websites, in social media, or in emails. One tip - keep it simple, keep it human! Be sure that your language feels natural when you incorporate keywords as google is pretty good at filtering and detecting text that is either created by bots or is spam.

3. Cross-selling on Etsy and Ebay

Etsy is an online marketplace for ecommerce sellers, where individuals buy and sell unique items. As a marketplace, Etsy generates its own traffic & because of this, many ecommerce stores sell on Etsy in addition to Shopify or other storefronts. Listing products on Etsy is a great way to increase your exposure to potential buyers looking for products within your niche, as they will be able to browse using key search words. Once they are familiar with your brand, potential customers will be more likely to visit your ecommerce site directly. Check out Etsy’s Seller Handbook for inspiration and advice on how to successfully run an Etsy shop.

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4. Email Newsletters

Selling to your existing customers is much easier than selling to new customers & email newsletters are a great way to communicate with your existing customers. Platforms like Mailchimp and Klaviyo are a great tool that allows you to send newsletters & promotional content directly to your customers.

Make your emails appealing with nice attractive imagery and a clear call to action directing your customer to your content. You don't want to bombard your customers with emails or they will quickly unsubscribe so be sure to only say something when you have something to say.

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5. Digital marketing

Digital ads are an effective way to market your brand to a specific audience, and a great way to drive traffic to your website, whether it is to a specific product or a landing page optimised for the ad content.

The great thing about running ads on platforms such as Google, Facebook and Instagram is that you can target specific audiences based on demographics, locations or interests. As the messaging you want to include in ads will depend on your products and the audience you are targeting, we recommend doing some research into what works best for your industry and intended audience. There are many lessons and guides on setting up digital ads, we recommend checking out the official Google Skillshop  as well as Udemy and skillshare for more in depth courses.


Driving traffic to your store is key in driving your business's growth and success. We really hope you can use these tips to help improve traffic to your store.

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